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Forty is really simple, pick a card from the deck and see where the conversation goes. It is beautifully designed in a compact box which means it travels just as well as you. You can play anywhere and everywhere. It’s the perfect game for dinner parties, road trips or any gathering.

The game will be different with each card and with different people. Our job is to engage your brain, your job is to enjoy the experience. 

With a range of topics, statements & issues, we create a space where you can voice your opinions. This game gives you the chance to engage in discussion on everything from climate change to gender neutrality. Be warned, you might face stiff opposition….and by might, we mean ‘probably will’, it’s all fun though, we can respectfully disagree…it’s a thing.  

You can spend as much or as little time as you like on each card. There is no right or wrong answer, just a great conversation. The great thing is that the card is only the prompt, we’re sure your conversation will go far beyond.

Enjoy responsibly. 

Forty - The Debating Game

SKU: 150
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